Exrealist & Skateboarding: A Love Story

Entry description:

Just a simple edit of Sean Christopher (AKA Exrealist) former pro skater for #blueskateboards (AKA: #stereroskatebards) #cruising Carlsbad at the golden hour on his custom Polarizer board (Neil Blender's limited and highly sought after custom boards), which was made specifically for Sean, presented to him by Steve Claar shortly after Sean's 1976 Rocket (which was given to his father by the company owners in 1976, kept by Sean, and even ridden by Sean's little boy, 3 generations deep, And one of the 5 models inducted into the Smithsonian a few years back, putting a new priceless value to that board all around. Fortunatlely, the brotherhood of skateboarding came through and the new board with the quintesential Blender art grip tape may not have as much soul in years and history, it definitely has soul under your souls and nothing could have come as close to this as a replacement. (FYI: Even though Blender has been making this cruisers for a while, there are only about a half dozen out in the world. Every skater in the know has wanted, begged and pleaded for one, but as far as we know there are two requirements to possibly get one of these boards. You must ride it, and you must have soul.