Max Sanchez ★★★★★
Support your local indie bookstore. What else can be said? Lhooq books is a passionate and dedicated group of individuals who pride themselves in the arts. I will continue to return here for events and my general book shopping. They have movie nights on Thursdays, and for the most part, it’s great! Grab a coffee or tea at the register and enjoy the beautiful backyard. 

In addition, the cat that chills in and out of the shop gives this shop an extra star for being awesome. The aquarium and other installations are fascinating, and add so much character to the building. 

I should add that the range of selection is vast, covering genres that I have rarely seen and loved the variety of used and new books throughout the shelves.

 Katheryn Rodriguez ★★★★★
Pretty cool spot, we were looking for a Taco Bell to stop during our 3 hour drive. I accidentally turned into the Parking of Lhooq books instead. What a blessing. Pretty cool spot, has this pretty mystique vibe. Unusual spot to have a book store, yet special. They have a variety of books, really enjoyed looking at the large selection available. Plus they have local artists display their art in the back set. They have a big projector as well were they hold movie screenings. Plus, they sell coffee! What else do you need? Definitely enjoyed being in the area and spending some time there. Lovely space, they have sofas and areas to read and chill. They also have a chess game and a pretty cool guy who knows all about the books.

 Jim Sander  ★★★★★
The coolest most laid back book store you could possibly imagine..

 Rula Kaliroi ★★★★★
I love this place. It’s full of unique and unusual books as well as great mainstream favorites. The ambience is laid back and vintage with an outdoor patio for smokers. There’s wifi and espresso cappuccinos. You can sit inside on these cool little chaise lounges and play chess next to the gypsy fortune telling machine or peruse obscure esoteric finds from the 70’s surrounding the aquarium . There’s vintage typewriters for sale amidst the displays of books in crates. Very cool environment. A total rebellion to all the slick same Starbucks . I always find something to read and add to my collection. Today it was sage and an old copy of the Da Vinci code for a couple of bucks. Last time it was the latest Helmut Newton Polaroid photographs book. If yr in Carlsbad looking for coffee and book treasures this is the place. The fluffy black cat will be sure to make her presence known and Terence who works there is open to conversation of all kinds. Highly recommend for those who enjoy walking off the beaten path.

  Billie Day   ★★★★★

The bookstore is a place you go to meet a familiar face or that of a total stranger. A sanctuary for myself when wanting to take a moment or more to just sit under the the branches of the big Oak tree as they drop their winter or fall leaves into your coffee cup, as your having the most interesting conversation with a young girl from the Netherlands who just happened to stop by on her way to Honduras! And a young boy is drawing in an art book, as he is beginning his quest as an artist, in the shelter of the old walls of this once unused building which now thanks to Sean Christopher has a life of it's very own. Just walk through the door and you will feel the energy and the wealth of freedom of acceptance of thought that is felt immediately. The place where Hemingway hangs out with me on a regular basis. As does every genius writer that has taken pen to paper, and more!

Thank you for all of this Sean.

  Nick Asbury ★★★★★
Such an amazing concept that's beautifully executed! The owner is generous and kind and has the most adorable older dog that's retired from military service. Check this place out! It's worth it for sure! The unique and inspiring design of the bookstore is only outdone by the ultra cool, semi-steampunk, quasi-Dada, interior design/decor and outdoor patio/gallery. It's worth the detour in Carlsbad if you're driving south to SD or up to the OC and beyond.

 Vanessa Ernst ★★★★★
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my gosh! My new favorite place! 
Terrance is a true gem. He was very helpful in finding books for me and hes also going to find some books that I really want. 
This store is so special. It's like stepping into a differant world. The colors, the decorations, shapes and sounds, the smells are all unique and very special. The picture I posted is what brought me in. It caught my attention and I saw the name of the book store. I was walking down the street and BAAAAMMMM there it was! QUE THE HEAVEN MUSIC!!! You walk in and see the great collection of books but wait...theres more! A coffee bar and an  outside rustic bohemian sitting area. Theres chess to play and many books to read. 
I feel like I've met my little heaven! And it's right down the street from my house! #imAluckyLady

 Wyatt Ayling ★★★★★
Very comfortable. The books are organized in a way that made shopping much easier. I'll be back. Beautiful cat too.

Chris Wilson ★★★★★
Friendly staff, unique atmosphere

 Maria Janus ★★★★★
I stopped in today looking for tarot cards for Halloween. I felt a little embarrassed, looking for something like tarot cards among so many wonderful books. Well, this is the kind of place where you allow the books to guide you and tell you what you need. After sitting in the shade of that oak tree, spider-webbed in the morning sun, reading Denise Levertov, I discovered what I needed was to listen to my memories and feel their power. A few concealed tears later, I found a book that wanted to come home with me and bought tarot cards down the street at a shop recommended by the owner and creator of this book sanctuary. I'll definitely be visiting again.

 Joni Millican ★★★★★
I was in there today for the first time to have a couple of my old books appraised.  It's the most unique bookstore I've ever seen! It's obvious that a lot of love has gone into this place! The very nice owner took the time to patiently explain to me the value of my books and how to properly store them.  I was so impressed! I will definitely go back.

 H Abitz ★★★★★
This is an awesome place -more than just a bookstore- that just gives a sense of creativity and community. The books are interesting and reasonably priced and the atmosphere is wonderful

 Markus Manstroma  ★★★★★
The coolest most interesting bookstore/art house/coffee bar in San Diego...nothing comes close to the uniqueness and real LOVE of the creative than this gem tucked away in Carlsbad Village. Well worth a visit!

 Yvette Pleasure-Johnson ★★★★★
Well I've been in California since the early 1980s and I've never been to Carlsbad.
My drive up was very peaceful and Serene and then when I arrived at my location I was very very overwhelmed with a sense of complete release and surrender which reminded me of being at my great-grandmother's house for the summer the only place that I could really be me and free.
The proprietor a very interesting gentleman has a heart of gold to come up with an idea like this to help others move forward in their careers. The staff was very polite & accommodating. The books everywhere wherever you looked there were books walking through the dirt in the open areas sitting on a Dusty chair wasn't even a concern in this environment with that big huge beautiful tree I actually forgot I was in California for 8 hours.
Well there's a gem in Carlsbad if you ever need a place to just sit still and be quiet this is it I will definitely be back here with some books I had a great day.
Never ever judge a book by its cover!

 Kevin Krause ★★★★★
One of the few old school bookstores & Old Cali creative spaces left along coastal SoCal! It is awesome this real old school book stores is thriving in The Village. This place is keeping the Kreative Soul alive in SoCal beach towns like Carlsbad Village! Awesome!! enJoy!!!