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Limited edition handmade Lhooq Books & Exrealism journals/sketch books will be available to order soon.
Designed & handmade by Marina Christopher



Date: 11 August 2021

"Journalesque" Written and read by Sean Christopher

"This little piece of prose was written about a decade ago and published in an obscure Quarterly. It’s funny how varied the interpretations of the meaning & metaphors have been. In fact, more often than not, the things people assumed were the metaphors were real, and what was considered real were the metaphors? For example, I don’t have an ex-wife, I was too young to have two decades of felonies, I actually don’t have any felonies!? But I guess that’s the Beauty of literary fiction. What is truth, fiction, metaphor, etc is irrelevant. What matters is the feeling. That’s truth. Finally, to lay this one to rest, the truest things in here are the cliff, the storm & most importantly, the love between father & son." Sean Christopher aka Exrealist.
Shot & recorded by @emceegrady

Date: 01 July 2021

Pall Jenkins “I Didn’t Know” uncut live Solo set at Lhooq Books

Pall Jenkins live solo set for the opening of The Exrealism Nonprofit Project. This is how you do a solo set! Layers, synth beats, bass, looped live guitar tracks & playing the saw w/ bow & singing!! Also a fitting track for Halloween. (It’s going to take a while to edit & mix the terabytes of professional video & audio footage of our live performances, benefits, events, etc. but in the meantime we hope you enjoy this... dIY iPhone footage uncut)

Date: 01 November 2020

We have begun packing up our store, but we want people to come in! One reason, packing up the shop has been more depressing than packing up our house. It’s because I put so much into the place. I physically built it, 109% custom from the wooden floor the retro fitting the rafters, adding an entire roof, literally using a Crain to pull the entire building up and back so we could reframe it square, plume & level. If we didn’t the building would’ve collapsed. Then we installed commercial grade electrical, insulated the walls, etc. the place was a broke single paneled barn?!?! Everything you see was custon designed & built done by myself, with help from friends & family! The book collection; a lifetime in the making, we created far more than a bookstore, we created an experience, an art project, a business, a nonprofit, a community space...against so many odd, literally fighting to do something good for my community & for artists, etc! Even though we did not get to complete the vision, we succeeded in our mission & we were growing and doing great! Regardless of what’s next, it is definitely an end of an era and the end of this place!?! So come in! have a chat, please distract me from the thoughts of all that has been lost. I do not wish to pack up alone. Plus, we are leaving the best for last and still want & need to make sales. 
Also, even though my family and I are moving on, find out what we are planning for a place in the area with our crew, you might want to get involved! 

Date: 02 July 2020 | Comments(0)

“Role Models: Sean Christopher” CHSTV 3min Doc


Carlsbad High students recently made a 3 minute documentary on Sean Christopher & Lhooq Books for a National competition. The subject matter for the competition is “role models” and it was an honor for us that they asked Sean Christopher of Lhooq Books to be there role model!

Date: 25 March 2020 | Comments(0)

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