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"Journalesque" Written and read by Sean Christopher

"This little piece of prose was written about a decade ago and published in an obscure Quarterly. It’s funny how varied the interpretations of the meaning & metaphors have been. In fact, more often than not, the things people assumed were the metaphors were real, and what was considered real were the metaphors? For example, I don’t have an ex-wife, I was too young to have two decades of felonies, I actually don’t have any felonies!? But I guess that’s the Beauty of literary fiction. What is truth, fiction, metaphor, etc is irrelevant. What matters is the feeling. That’s truth. Finally, to lay this one to rest, the truest things in here are the cliff, the storm & most importantly, the love between father & son." Sean Christopher aka Exrealist.
Shot & recorded by @emceegrady

Date: 01 July 2021