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We have begun packing up our store, but we want people to come in! One reason, packing up the shop has been more depressing than packing up our house. It’s because I put so much into the place. I physically built it, 109% custom from the wooden floor the retro fitting the rafters, adding an entire roof, literally using a Crain to pull the entire building up and back so we could reframe it square, plume & level. If we didn’t the building would’ve collapsed. Then we installed commercial grade electrical, insulated the walls, etc. the place was a broke single paneled barn?!?! Everything you see was custon designed & built done by myself, with help from friends & family! The book collection; a lifetime in the making, we created far more than a bookstore, we created an experience, an art project, a business, a nonprofit, a community space...against so many odd, literally fighting to do something good for my community & for artists, etc! Even though we did not get to complete the vision, we succeeded in our mission & we were growing and doing great! Regardless of what’s next, it is definitely an end of an era and the end of this place!?! So come in! have a chat, please distract me from the thoughts of all that has been lost. I do not wish to pack up alone. Plus, we are leaving the best for last and still want & need to make sales. 
Also, even though my family and I are moving on, find out what we are planning for a place in the area with our crew, you might want to get involved! 

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