Lhooq Books



Lhooq Books was never meant to be a business. It an art project, an experiment, and an exercise in creating an environment in-house and online that has something you can feel, even inspire you, like a good soul.  While traveling and needed replenishment I'd find an old bookstore, they were my churches. I'd spend time with my favorite authors and characters. They are my saints and saviors and their stories guided me, saved me, nearly destroyed me, changed me, and somehow they have always soothed my soul. At times when nothing is better than the comfort of a classic independent bookstore.

As a writer, watching the publishing industry dying scared me and it still does. Any cookie cutter chain mall, restaurant, store, whatever can kiss my ass.  At the same time, inauthentic or even pure nostalgia can make you puke as well. Our goal was to find the perfect balance of the past, present and the future. Admittedly, our store is part museum, part archival, yet we also designed our place to be an underground venue for nearly all art mediums.  We have an espresso cafe and a small stage and theater set up for international lectures, reading, special guest speeches, workshops, interviews, live and virtual shows for real time global interaction with all kinds of unique and interesting guests. Much of this falls inline with our sister project, "Exrealism".

We have set out to build the most interesting, unique, independent bookstores in the county and online. And we are doing so nearly single handedly with real blood, sweet and tears. Handcrafted interior using real found, reclaimed, and repurposed materials. And our books! We have been collecting books for over fifteen years. Specializing in vintage, rare, hard to find, the uniquely beautiful, the lost and even forgotten. Underground, small press, independent, self-published, life changing, dangerous and obscure books from all genres and non-fiction topics. Although, we offer high end, collectibles and rare books online, we work very hard to find and offer affordable content in an effort to educate and revitalize the written word in popular culture. Our books range from ancient history to the most important current affairs, classic to contemporary literature, philosophy, war, warfare, all religion; including Pagan, Wicca & the Occult. Art for the artist, science, physics, quantum to chaos to collective consciousness, to science fiction. Conspiracy books ranging from the most likely truths to the most unusual ideas in the universe. And even classic children's books, We also carry a large assortment of foreign language books (German, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese and more...) ranging similarly from the most eclectic to classic and contemporary lit., philosophy, history, and art. Our goal is to have the most well rounded, yet specialized collection of books. And yes, we have the creaky woods floors, stacks of books for you to find your own treasures, and the hidden away nook and a feeling that emanates through the place we simply can't explain. Finally,  we offer espresso and coffee; including french press, turkish coffee, prison coffee &  for our patrons and those who support our charitable projects, including our 24/7 "Honor System" Community Library/bookstore where we now carry local, national & international newspapers, magazines, boutique zines and DIY zines. Soon we will start with our own small zine with the hopes of creating our own publishing house soon.