The exrealism project:

[Exrealism: Syllabification: ex-real-ism; Pronunciation: /ex rēə lizəm/: Noun. A philosophical theory originated from an approach to art derived from underground writer, Sean Christopher. By divorcing one’s self from reality, the extraordinary reality is revealed. Like an “Ex” of/from anything, we know it very well, we sometimes understand it. We have lived in, with and under it every day of our lives. But with a very sincere and well calculated method of madness we disconnect, depart and/or detour from “it” (reality), whenever and however we want.] The act or being an exrealist influences extraordinary artistic, social, cultural and even political change by utilizing imagination, creativity, madness, inhibition, irrationality and fearlessness within and without.

Through our own established network of individuals and current technologically advanced communications we are free to roam through all levels of art, politics, culture and entertainment. Connected and free, guided and uncensored. Personally connected with global reach. Combining the lessons learned from the entire history of humanity; from love, war, culture, political & social and artistic movements. We are expressly influencing the zeitgeist and ethos of our own time, place and epoch with a sincere yet contrived method to connect and collaborate with the most profound, the most prolific, to the most absurd.

{Exrealist: ex-real- ist noun, plural.| Exreality: ex-re-al-i-ty, /xrēˈalədē/} (Ref. existentialism, dada, surrealism, and sociopath.)

An Exrealist accepts and sees the reality that is all around us. The Exrealist does not escape reality by creating a fantasy, or alternate reality. Rather, an Exrealist is simply not bound (personally and/or socially) by the confines and oppressive nature of our current social, cultural and political reality generally accepted and expected by the general public. The Principle of Exrealism is to achieve the most extraordinary with the most profound, the most prolific and the most absurd in all acts, actions, creations, and collaborations. And the objective of Exrealism is to share the extraordinary, with our guests and with our audience, that exist under, above and within the cracks of our current reality. Our goal is to create a base and network for those who have and want ideas that can change the world. And to collectively find a way to a completely realized and clearly defined concept that has yet to be conceived of. The integration of one person's creative outpourings and theories given freely while still trying to find a way to balance the beauty in ideas, ideals and feelings into a equally serious global activist's engagement is a complex endeavor that we alone cannot and will not fully realize or even understand on our own. The literal inconceivable.

But we have a vision, a collective vision and we know what our goals are. Although, it will take a complex global collaboration involving the collective of the most unique minds in all mediums, in all fields of research, and types of skill sets and expertise to come together. It will not be just one or a few creative minds. To conceive the inconceivable we have to have the support of the masses and the efforts of the most creative minds all working together for each other. A true global network in a movement that is ahead of the game because we have conceived, constructed and implemented what those trying to take us down will never be able to think of. They can't catch you if they don't know where you've been and they don't know where you are going. Each of us is holding one small piece of the puzzle. Together we can build a new world.

Of course, the reason we are sharing this project before it is even fully realized is because we understand it will take all of you to reach its fullest potential. We are nothing without you. We need the thoughts, actions, energy, dreams, imagination and input of the greatest thinkers from the streets and academia, the hackers, romantics, poets, idealists, pessimist, cynics, fighters, feminists, optimists, opportunists, revolutionaries, anarchists, punks, the apathetic, the lost, searchers, realists, existentialists, philosophers, the suffering, the prolific and insane geniuses from every corner from around this world. The Exrealism Projects a movement that cannot even truly begin until all of us collaborate to design, define and conceive of a way to enact change on a global scale like nothing anyone has ever imagined before. 

The Exrealism Project aims to bring everyone together to enact immediate change across the world through art, activism and the sharing of ideas from all the subcultures who are socially conscious, culturally and politically aware & the new global revolutionaries...if they know it or not.


"Don't look at it as a wasteland, rather an inverted forest with all its foliage underground."


The Exrealism Project: International nonprofit for Artist & Activist. Real accessible grants & funds. Connecting and supporting people and places locally and globally. Inspiring real change, equal human rights and environmental protection. The evolution of revolution!