Lhooq Books & The Exrealism Project are both going through some dramatic changes. Our physical space is in the process of expansion and renovations. At the same time an extraordinary computer programer/designer has rebuilt a very high end, complex, versatile and comprehensive, yet user friendly website which is set to launch within weeks launch. (Same domain name) And possible the most important change of all is a complete revamping from concept to strategy for our nonprofit, The Exrealism Project. Our goals are as ambitious as ever, yet we have learned far more than we could have ever comprehended previously from our time, experience. Also through new partnerships and collaborations we have become far more aware of how our world works in the mainstream, under the spot light and underground, and with these new partnerships and collaborations we have become far more effective and we are looking forward to implement everything we have to ensure we offer the most comprehensive and effective experience for our artists, activists, staff, patrons and donors. With that said we will need your help now more than ever! See you on the other side and thank you!