These words will never be enough for you...

This  page & The Exrealism Project is an accumulation of one person's life's work integrated with the new artistic, cultural, social and political activism we have found and lost in the vast abyss of the internet. Our goal is to create a base and network for those who have and want the ideas that can change the world. And to collectively find the way to a completely realized and clearly defined concept that has yet been conceived of. The integration of one person's creative outpourings and theories given freely while still trying to find a way to balance the beauty in ideas, ideals, and feelings into an equally serious global activist engagement is a complex endeavor that we alone still have not yet fully realize or even understand completely. We have a vision and we know what our goals are, but it will take the collaborative efforts of many interesting minds. Much of this has and is being achieved from a few pieces of writing that has developed/evolved into a streaming online episodical series and podcast, but we won't know how far we will get until it becomes a truly global collaborative effort, network, and movement.

The reason we are sharing this project while it is not even fully realized is because we understand that we will not reach the complete potential until we connect with the people and get the additional input from from around the world. We need the thoughts, actions, energy and input from artists, activists, and the great thinkers from the streets and academia, hackers, romantics, idealists, pessimists, fighters, feminists, optimists, revolutionaries, the apathetic, the lost, found, the realists, existentialists, the suffering, the prolific minds and the near insane genius's from every corner out there . In other words, "The Exrealism Project" as a movement cannot even truly begin until it is fully conceived, designed and defined through the collaboration of ideas, actions and social, cultural & political ideals of the global community.

The Exrealism Project aims to bring everyone together to enact immediate change across the world through art, activism and the sharing of ideas from all the subcultures who are socially, culturally and politically aware & active positive revolutionaries....if they know it or not.

 "Don't look at it as a wasteland, rather an inverted forest with all its foliage underground."