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"Beautiful Losers" the Documentary
8:20 PM20:20

"Beautiful Losers" the Documentary

TONIGHT! “BEAUTIFUL LOSERS” Lhooq Books Thursday Night Movie 07/18/19 just after sundown 8:15-ish?!?

Beautiful Losers is a 2008 documentary filmed by director Aaron Rose and co-directed by Joshua Leonard. It was produced by Sidetrack Films in association with BlackLake Productions, and stars several artists including Harmony Korine, writer of independent cult films Kids and Gummo[1] and former graffiti artist Stephen Powers . @beautifullosersofficial @aaronroseofficial

Aaron Rose and Joshua Leonard document the lives and careers of young artists and designers who -- though unfamiliar with the workings of the traditional art world -- have had an impact on it.

Thomas Campbell @thomascampbellart

Cheryl Dunn


Shepard Fairey


Jo Jackson


Chris Johanson @chrisjohansonart

Margaret Kilgallen


Harmony Korine


Geoff McFetridge


Barry McGee


Mike Mills


Stephen Powers II


Claire E. Rojas


Aaron Rose


Deanna Templeton


Ed Templeton


Mark Gonzales

#thegonz @ Lhooq/exrealism

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His Apologies & Green Destiny "Sound & Vision" /kəˌlabəˈrāSH(ə)n/ With Craftlab
7:00 PM19:00

His Apologies & Green Destiny "Sound & Vision" /kəˌlabəˈrāSH(ə)n/ With Craftlab

The Exrealism Project Presents: His Apologies & Green Destiny “Sound & Vision” /kəˌlabəˈrāSH(ə)n/ With CraftLab

Wrapping up our special events for February. We have “Sound & Vision”.

The Sound: Co-headlining we have a beautiful solo performance,  “His Apologies” @hisapologies a veteran singer/songwriter who has volunteered to open with his heartfelt, often heartbreaking lyrics, mixed with a an almost necessary sardonic world view. yet all combined, we find his music to be painfully honest and ultimately life affirming.  beautiful solo performance. 

Closing the night is an experimental instrumental, “Green Destiny” lead by Forrest, a young protégé of many genres. In this current project his band is experimenting with sound and exploring a hybrid of the often loud, crunch of sonic noise mixed with ambient drone, dripping with melodic tones, taking you on a journey, getting lost in space, then crashing & floating back to earth.

The Vision: Both performances will be layered with interactive Neo Wave multi-layered projection art. The audience can stand back and watch it all as a whole or come inside the light and interact with the art, light, sound & Vision. digital art projections by CraftLab.(@craftlabtomato)

This is a nonprofit fundraiser show: 100% of the profits are dispersed to the artists/performers and nonprofit fundraiser. If you want donate more simply click the black “DONATE” on the home page. There you can enter any amount you wish. The donations are specifically for the formal launch of the local & international artist/activist nonprofit. Thank you for help the lives of thousands, and we hope millions (that is until we no longer have so much suffering in the world.) Our artists, activists, employees & volunteers, etc work together to expose the injustices and take direct action through collaboration and coordination via our nonprofit i”The Exrealism Project” working locally & globally. Thank you! lhooq/Exrealism 

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