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Happy Easter April Fools' Birthday Party Fundraiser Show
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Happy Easter April Fools' Birthday Party Fundraiser Show


Pre-Launch of our upcoming Formal Fundraiser! Please  donate now here on our Website (We are working on a formal fundraiser with a financial cap and time limit specifically to help remodel the community library and launch our international arts nonprofit.. there will be membership incentives with shirts, gift bags, discounts, recognition, etc ASAP.) But if you donate now you will receive all the above mentioned  retroactively. The Exrealism Project international nonprofit is designed to provide grants/funding ti artist & activists who are politically aware & socially conscious actively involved in helping the agenda of equal human rights for all! Working locally & around the world. Collaborating with many artists and organizations who  truly make and inspire change Thank you!!!

For the first time in my entire life, Easter Jas dropped the Golden Egg  on my zbirthday (April Fool's Day)?!?! Yup, I’m an April Fool’s Kid. In all my years this has never happened before, and I haven't celebrated my birthday since my Grandfather passed who I shared my birthday with my entire life. But my son loves easter and helloes me, and wanted me to have a "Birthday Party"  So I thought, heck, and Easter egg hunt, a cake...and then I pulled all the stops for and holy Sh#%t!!! Blowout Seriously crazyBirthday Party, Easter Fool's Fundraiser Party show line up.:

  • Material Boys                                            Interpol                                         Deathgrips                                                     Necessities                                             Iron & Wine                                       Girl Pool                                                     The Shed                                                  The Shed                                         Earthless                                                    
  • Side Yard                                         Blackheart Procession                         (Secret Band)

Happy Easter Fool’s Birthday Fundraiser Party. On April fools. There will be some pranks, but this ain’t no joke?!?! Yes!! This is a real show!       

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