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Paddle Out Fest
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Paddle Out Fest

ina Fake/Southern Beacons/Rain on Fridays/Burnout Reef/Sean Jones/Serendipity/Katie M.

That’s a lot of music and I guess that’s why they are calling it a “fest”?!?! A festival of Punk Rock Spring/Summer good times!!!

Tina Fake played their very first live show ever here at Lhooq Books and they killed it. the band was passionate, driven, Loud, smart, a little crazy and tight as fuck! You really can’t ask for and get any more from a bands first time on stage. Plus, they packed the house! And it was all them! their friends & family came out in droves to support them and they did not disappoint! THESE GUYS ARE PRETTY YOUNG, BUT THEY PLAY WITH THE HEARTS AND ETHOS OF TRUE PUNK. Now they are coming back with a massive line up of friends and other bands they have met, connected with and collaborated with on the road and round town.

We are proud to present the rising stars of a scene that supposedly doesn’t exist. But try telling that to the hundreds that will be at Lhooq this coming Saturday 04/13/19!! We are starting early, 5pm to get everyone on the bill a full set! This also means we are going to do our best to present this like a local backyard/beach party with NO BBQ, but plenty of Beer, etc (please do not bring your own because whatever we provide you can get cheap and it will help serve the greater good…more funding for the nonprofit and the artists/performers.) Ultimately, all we ask is a minimum donation of $5, but we do think you can (and should) do more!?!?! Just check out this list of acts and they are all amazing!

You can donate/buy a $5 ticket here on our website http://www.;hooqxrealism.com/tickets in our shop prior to or day of, if not sold out by then, And if you really want to help support the bands and even our nonprofit you can donate more by clicking the donate block on the home page. All net profits go to the bands, and with this many bands we need a lot of donations to spread it around. Support the Cause and the Cause will support you!

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