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A Poetic Experience

  • Lhooq Books 755 1/2 Carlsbad Village Drive Carlsbad, CA, 92008 United States (map)

Introducing Amy J. Davis along with a number of special guest Ian G Gunlach (@iandgundlach &, Francis Blume / @francis.blume. And to ur surprise our own Sean Christopher / @exrealist. 3 mean back a profound woman's feminist vision.

Lhooq Books is hosting a new kind of poetry experience. Every poetry reading has some performance art element to it, but on this night we are presenting a number of voices set in a scene all in line with a theme to create a visceral experience for  all your senses. Most importantly, the poetry itself is genuine, heartfelt, raw , yet beautiful and eloquent. 

Sadly very few people have ever even had the chance to experience a true reading worth a damn. When done right it's as moving as that "Show"(music) that changed your being, or that movie that left you in a daze of wandering the streets, questioning life, and your own existence. Art should leave you feeling almost vulnerable and so very alive. And the great ones again change your life path forever. A truly good reading will move you and stay with you in your heart and in your memories forever. (Note: And we are not just talking to the poets, the writers, the artists and the creatives. We are talking to the average person, from the respectably bored the the already jaded souls.

Sadly, readings have gotten a bad rap because so few have seen one worth a damn. We are here to change that for you. Lhooq/Exrealism   is giving you a chance to see true artists from the well known and successful, to the unknown and up and coming artists that will take the others place someday. We are sharing the culture of the world to you here ad now, above and below the underground.