Pall Jenkins “I Didn’t Know” uncut live Solo set at Lhooq Books

Pall Jenkins live solo set for the opening of The Exrealism Nonprofit Project. This is how you do a solo set! Layers, synth beats, bass, looped live guitar tracks & playing the saw w/ bow & singing!! Also a fitting track for Halloween. (It’s going to take a while to edit & mix the terabytes of professional video & audio footage of our live performances, benefits, events, etc. but in the meantime we hope you enjoy this... dIY iPhone footage uncut)

Date: 01 November 2020

We have begun packing up our store, but we want people to come in! One reason, packing up the shop has been more depressing than packing up our house. It’s because I put so much into the place. I physically built it, 109% custom from the wooden floor the retro fitting the rafters, adding an entire roof, literally using a Crain to pull the entire building up and back so we could reframe it square, plume & level. If we didn’t the building would’ve collapsed. Then we installed commercial grade electrical, insulated the walls, etc. the place was a broke single paneled barn?!?! Everything you see was custon designed & built done by myself, with help from friends & family! The book collection; a lifetime in the making, we created far more than a bookstore, we created an experience, an art project, a business, a nonprofit, a community space...against so many odd, literally fighting to do something good for my community & for artists, etc! Even though we did not get to complete the vision, we succeeded in our mission & we were growing and doing great! Regardless of what’s next, it is definitely an end of an era and the end of this place!?! So come in! have a chat, please distract me from the thoughts of all that has been lost. I do not wish to pack up alone. Plus, we are leaving the best for last and still want & need to make sales. 
Also, even though my family and I are moving on, find out what we are planning for a place in the area with our crew, you might want to get involved! 

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We have to be 100% cleared out and leave a clean empty space at exactly Tuesday June 30, 2020 at 3:00pm!!! The inside of our house, our yards & our shop, Lhooq Books are all near immaculate & will be by days end! ....but people continuously keep unloading large bulk donations of books for the Outside 24/7 “Honor System” Community Library!!! Personally, we would love to leave it and let the community continue to stock & maintain it for as long as possible on their own! But we are VERY concerned these books will be used against us, saying we haven’t actually cleared out!?!?! Which would cause us massive financial trouble, etc!!!
Is there anyone out there who has the tools, knowledge and most importantly, the ability & willingness to creat a large banner we could hang up to let the community know we can’t keep or maintain the Community Library!?! We need help on this one and I’m not even sure how to exactly articulate what we need! Please consider what I have explained and go from there!?!?! Ok, I gotta get to it! You can comment or DM, but I may not get to it right away as we are working behind deadline!!

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Video "A visual conversation with myself"

Kris Markovich Art show inside, and Pall Jenkins of The Black Heart Procession outsude main stage. June 20th. 2015 at Lhooq Books/Exrealism

Date: 30 June 2020

"Carlsbad's Lhooq Books – the after story"

New article in San Diego Reader


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